QSmack Frontend

The QSmack frontend is a graphical application that is used to communicate with the main QSmack program, setting up the following chain of communication:

Happy User <=> Frontend <=> QSmack <=> Quake Server

You do not need the frontend to take advantage of the banning and logging capabilities of QSmack. All you need for that is QSmack itself. However, using the frontend allows you to unobtrusively monitor the scoring, events, and chatter of a game-in-progress, to converse with other players in the game (and with other frontends connected to the same QSmack), and to exercise all of the kicking and banning capabilities of QSmack.

As long as QSmack is connected to the server you wish to monitor, you can do all of those things at any time, even if the server is full. You do not have to have a Quake client available. All you need is the QSmack frontend (shown below). The QSmack frontend is written in Tcl, so it will run on almost any computer (in the dictionary, the definition for "portable" says "see: Tcl"). Basically, it is very very cool.


Start using the QSmack frontend now!