Modifying Your Server

QSmack works by logging into the server as a client, becoming an admin, doing frequent "status" checks of the other players, and kicking any players with banned names or colors, or from banned IP addresses. As a client, it can only communicate with the server by sending impulses. So, the server needs to have certain QuakeC modifications to handle the impulses produced by QSmack.

To simplify things, we can provide you with already-modified server code, which you can use as-is or modify further to suit your needs. There are currently these choices:

Even if you choose to use one of these pre-modified sets of server code, you should probably read the description of server code changes to see exactly how the code was modified. If you want to make the modifications yourself, for example to some other sort of server code besides those above, you definitely need to read that description. It covers what impulses are used by QSmack & how the server should respond to them, and it includes as an example the modifications made in the ClanRing v2.58 code.

If you want QSmack support added to a particular server code package, it wouldn't hurt to drop lemurboy a line to see if he's willing to handle it for you. The more popular/stable/well-written/etc. the package in question, the more likely it is you'll get him to do your work for you. :-)

If you plan on modifying some other server code, we still recommend that you first get QSmack working with one of the above sets of code before you try anything else.