QSmack Downloads

The source has been released! The current version of QSmack is 3.00. Since the last official release probably over two years ago, we've made a lot of local changes which is why we've gone all the way to 3.00. Ahnuld also figured out how to compile on win32 without cygwin, so there is now no need for any cygwin libraries. Woohoo! Included in the source is the Visual Studio Workspace file so you can easily build on Windows if you like. A simple Unix makefile has been included too. This is known to work on at least Solaris.

If you make any nice changes to the code or have totally hacked it apart to do something interesting, please tell us about it. We'll include your changes in the main distribution if appropriate. You can also bypass the source and just download the executable. The Win32 and Solaris binaries have been tested. The Linux and IRIX binaries build fine but have not been tested. I would guess that they would work just fine though. Remember that you may have to shift-click to download the executables.

The current version of the QSmack frontend is 1.10. This is the latest version that supports the quake font for the character names.